” Our relationship with Fritz began as a routine maintenance call and evolved into a 14-month project in which we renovated the existing home and added a beautiful addition to accommodate the needs of our growing family. Fritz has provided us with timely, efficient service and straightforward communication throughout and we are happy to have hired him for our home renovation needs.

One morning we woke up with a leak in our kitchen. The problem needed to be fixed immediately, so my wife got on the phone and called 4 different contractors. Frtiz was the first person to contact us back and the next morning he showed up at our house to take a look. Fritz was able to identify the appropriate people and resolve the issue quickly and economically. Once we had repaired this, Fritz went a step further to identify the root cause of the issue – something we greatly appreciated as a homeowner. We soon discovered issues with our foundation, the HVAC system, and the entire kitchen subfloor. Fritz was there with us every step of the way and over the course of the next 5-6 months, Fritz worked with us to fix all of our existing problems within our home. 

When it came time to these issues, everything had to be taken care of the right way and Fritz instilled confidence in us as the homeowner. He was able to figure out all the problems within our home and bring in talented and trustworthy people to do the job. 

We had always wanted to do an addition and over the course of working with Fritz, we began to discuss these plans. The timing was right and we had found the right person to partner with. Fritz has great taste and he also understands my wife’s taste, which led to a finished product we are very proud of. He helped us with all the large and small details of the project and had insightful opinions to steer the process in the right direction.

If I could ascribe one motto to Fritz’ company, it would be “Are you happy?” We have had our house under renovation for 14 months. Over the course of this process, Fritz has come to us on a daily basis to ask us if we are happy with how to process is going. If you are being consulted every step of the way, you are sure to have the finished product to your liking – and we now live in a home that we are happy and proud to live in.” 


Ruxton Md

“Fritz came to our house to speak with us several times before the project began to get us comfortable with the plans. They were terrific the whole time. They had fabulous preparation prior to construction, protecting the staircase, railings, floors, and walls. The team was fast and finished an entire remodel of our upstairs area in 4 weeks, in order to meet a deadline we had asked them to target. 

The team working in our home on a daily basis were trustworthy and friendly. We felt comfortable with them around the house throughout the process. The project manager and crew were approachable about little things that came up and always found a solution for our problems, big and small. The crew cleaned the construction site thoroughly each night, which we appreciated throughout the process.

From soup to nuts, we were happy with the process. Fritz and the team truly offer a first class service.” 


Towson Md

“Eisenbrandt Companies did the best job with our home renovations. We enjoyed all the people that were brought into our home – they were polite, friendly, and took care of our house. Fritz was always good about getting back to us. The first time we used him, we interviewed 4 different people, the next time we interviewed 2-3 people, and now we exclusively use him for our home improvement projects. Fritz has really great ideas. He also has great taste, which meant we did not have to hire a decorator for the project. I have already recommended Fritz to many of my friends and will continue to do so.” 


Lutherville MD